American Composers
March 17, 2023
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Modern Yesterdays at Carnegie Hall

Modern Yesterdays traced the links composers build between the past and future, both individually and collectively. Conducted by Daniela Candillari and featuring world-renowned guitarist and composer Kaki King, the program included new orchestral renderings by composer D. J. Sparr of King’s guitar pieces, including her acclaimed album Modern Yesterdays, with immersive video projections by Attilio Rigotti and Orsolya Szantho. Ellen Reid‘s Floodplain describes a landscape in which reality shifts virtually overnight, Carlos Simon‘s Fate Now Conquers represents the unpredictable ways of fate, and a newly commissioned work by up-and-coming composer Carlos Bandera presents a unique perspective on the power of music to bridge time, drawing inspiration from the mythological motif of the cosmic ocean.

Below, see images from the concert and interviews with the composers completed by ACO's Artistic Director Curtis Stewart and Director of Artist Equity Garrett McQueen.

Concert Photo Gallery - Credit: Alfred Kan

After Party Photo Gallery - Credit: Alfred Kan

Artist Conversations

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