American Composers Orchestra

224 W. 35th St., Suite 500
New York, NY 10001

Tel: 212.977.8495


Melissa Ngan, President and CEO

Curtis Stewart, Artistic Director

Composer Opportunities

Loki Karuna, Director of Artist Equity

Partnership, Performance, Artistic

Collaboration Opportunities

Curtis Stewart, Artistic Director

Educational Program Opportunities

Kevin James, Director of Education

Development and Philanthropy

Lyndsay Werking, Director of Development & Communications

Press and Media

Katy Salomon & Primo Artists, Public Relations Consultant

Marketing, Employment Opportunities

and General Inquiries


Melissa Ngan
President & CEO

Curtis Stewart
Artistic Director

Loki Karuna
Director of Artist Equity

Lyndsay Werking
Director of Development & Communications

Kevin James
Director of Education

Steven Behr
Operations & Production Manager

Jordan Musser
Program Manager

JL "Jess" Marlor
Education Coordinator