Virginia B. Toulmin Commission by Meilina Tsui with Artis––Naples, Naples Philharmonic

12.13.2024 7:30 PM

December 13–14, 2024

Virginia B. Toulmin Commission Concert

Meilina Tsui, TBD (World Premiere)

Artis––Naples, Naples Philharmonic


The Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Orchestral Commissions Program for women composers is an initiative of the League of American Orchestras, in partnership with American Composers Orchestra (ACO) and supported by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation. Selected composers are previous participants in ACO's EarShot Readings.

The League and ACO have established two 30-orchestra consortiums, each supporting commissions by six women and nonbinary EarShot alumni. Each composer writes a 6–8 minute orchestral work and develops an educational or community-focused program presented in partnership with each orchestra. In the 2024-25 season, 10 composers have their works performed by 15 orchestras across the U.S.

This work was commissioned by the League of American Orchestras with the generous support of the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.