Journey LIVE

12.7.2024 2:00 PM

December 6-7, 2024

American Composers Orchestra

Link: BAM | Journey LIVE

Austin Wintory, Composer & Conductor

Ode to Joy, Executive Producer

Journey LIVE

BAM teams up with composer/conductor Austin Wintory and the American Composers Orchestra to present an original, interactive live performance of his Grammy-nominated score for Journey, “the most beautiful game of its time" (IGN).

In an alchemical collision of mediums, live musicians respond to the real-time actions of on-stage gamers as they explore the gorgeous universe within the hit video game. Never the same each time it is played, JourneyLIVE is an interactive parable, marking an unprecedented formal exploration in which live musicians respond to the actions of video game players as they traverse miles of sprawling desert, rolling sand dunes, age-old ruins, caves, and howling winds.