Cohere Touch

10 minutes
10 minutes
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flexible instrumentation, including virtual instrumentalists: soloists: 1 solo viola + electr., 6-12 International Soloists, and - -
David Bloom
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EarShot CoLABoratory Showcase Concert
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Cohere Touch

Cohere Touch is the second piece in a series of pieces written for decentralized simultaneous telematic performance that reveals and plays with the connections we have all around us. “Touch” in the title comes from participants being in one physical space and feeling the other networked locations and music, affecting them with movement and sound, essentially touching a shared canvas physically and sonically. In addition to being a musical piece, Cohere Touch is a specially designed augmented reality system that allows performers and audience to play music together, and affect their own in-person space as well as the other networked spaces participating in the piece. 

From the composer: “I believe that if we have a genuine and open creative process in our learning and art, those virtues can influence how we see the people we share the world with. Knowing and appreciating every connection we have to each other and every positive thing we can do together, big or small, without bias, but excitement and enthusiasm for problem solving, possibility, and the future, will help build a better world and bring us all closer together. That is my goal for this piece.” 

Educational module

From the composer: Co-Creation is the name for what I try to embody when making music and art, and is the name of this program. It’s a perspective on creating that helps participants and performers to feel how we’re all connected and work together to make a piece of art that reflects those connections.

Intended for groups of two up to a full orchestra, students or community members will work together to explore their space musically and sonically with tones and textures, expand their sense of time by creating rhythmic grooves, and invent a form by creating a new visual, aural, graphical, or agreed upon score or form. The piece is usually a music-focused multimedia piece using any available creative tools and with access to the Cohere Touch system (processes real-time sound and video effects, AI and machine learning, drawings, notation, riffs or motifs, found sounds, creating samples for beats, live looping, and audio-reactive visuals that can be controlled through movement). This can happen over multiple sessions or one. This program allows in-person and virtual participation.

Co-Creation is offered through En.J.inn Arts (, and is running in New York year-round with schools and students available to collaborate with other institutions via the Cohere Touch system. New York sessions are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and the Poughkeepsie Public Arts Commission. Let us know if you would like to set up a collaboration with our group of students and community!

En.J.inn Arts ( is available to provide educational and production support, and provide equipment if needed. All software used is free and no uncommon equipment is required.

  1. Also this should be for small groups, even down to two all the way to an orchestra. It would include the use of the same system as with the piece (“Cohere Touch”). Allows the creation of a multimedia piece from all students and is untethered by location.

As an example, here’s a session with a youth orchestra I worked with who had no prior experience with improvisation or composition, playing with a guest artist beaming in from India: