Nina C. Young

Out of whose womb came the ice creates a sonic and visual glimpse of a segment of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-17). Featuring baritone Sidney Outlaw and video projections by R. Luke Dubois, ACO premiers this work on November 9, 2023 at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall.

Out of whose womb came ice looks at the expedition from the time the crew leaves port to the sinking of the Endurance in the Weddell Sea’s pack ice. The vocal and orchestral music focuses on the crew’s perception of the Endurance in relationship to their surroundings, both majestic and desolate. Their vessel goes from being simply a ship to their lifeline and memento that connects them to the world they left behind. Once she sinks, they find themselves truly alone. The visuals and electronics offer narrative elements drawn directly from documents of the journey: journal entries of the crew and images taken by the expedition’s official photographer Frank Hurley.” –Nina C. Young