For Middle and High School students WITH or WITHOUT musical experience.

Master composers and performers work with your students on developing the courage, and technique necessary for a confident and creative approach to improvisation. In most cases this will be achieved through a combination of demonstrations and engaging, hands-on activities focused around the study and preparation of one of the composer’s works. The results will be presented at a culminating event alongside a guest ensemble in a performance at your school.

Possible Program Examples:

If your school currently has an ongoing music program:

  • 3 workshops with your music students on improvisation techniques led by acclaimed composer/performer
  • 3rd workshop – the Manhattan Brass Quintet also attends, performs for the music students and participates in a rehearsal/workshop with them.
  • Culminating event: MBQ performs and is joined by the students for a raucous and improvisation filled rendition of a piece they’ve rehearsed together.

If your school currently does NOT have an ongoing music program:

  • 3 workshops with your students led by acclaimed composer/percussionist.
  • 1st is a demonstration and performance of percussion techniques done entirely on home made instruments and found objects.
  • 2nd & 3rd – students create a battery of instruments drawn from their school environment and learn about creativity, form, rhythm, listening skills and identity while creating a new work of their own.
  • Culminating event: SO Percussion performs
    for the student body and is joined by the student ensemble to perform
    the student created work for the school.
For information contact: Kevin James, Director of Education, 212-977-8495, x252,