Immigrant Sounds and Voices

Explore the continuing evolution of American music through the music of immigrant composers. For students in 4th Grade through High School WITH or WITHOUT musical experience.

Taking advantage of the incredible diversity of world-class composers based in New York City, a composer who has immigrated to this country is paired with one of our ensembles for these events. The composer makes an initial visit to share their experiences as artist and immigrant with students and to introduce how concepts of background and identity effect their work and their performance.

Whenever possible the composer then will rehearse with a student ensemble on one of their own works which is representative of their experience and their heritage.

These sessions may be followed up by a guest ensemble performance featuring works of the composer. Again, when possible, a student ensemble and guest ensemble will collaborate on a work by the composer. Immigrant Heritage Week programs of the ACO usually involve 2-4 sessions with the students, but are not limited to that number.

This program also usually culminates the third week of April to coincide with the city-wide Immigrant Heritage Week celebration, but this is not essential.

For information contact: Kevin James, Director of Education, 212-977-8495, x252,