Compose Yourself: How It Works

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At the ACO we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to interact with America’s finest composers. We think that the more people who are given the chance to try their hand at composing, the better. Through our Compose Yourself Program, we’ve made it simple to do both.

How It Works
All participants are required to purchase a package of six lessons. You must complete the six lessons within a four month period.

Each package of lessons costs $725. 

In addition to lessons the package includes:

  • free access to ACO dress rehearsals
  • readings of your works by ACO musicians

Go to the -register here- link on this page and follow the directions.

Shortly after we receive your registration email, ACO Education Director Kevin James will contact you to discuss your goals and availability. This will help him to place you with the most appropriate instructor
*Most of our instructors prefer to schedule lessons at a regular time every other week

Once we have chosen an instructor for you, tuition should be paid to ACO. Once payment is received, your instructor will contact you to set a schedule of lessons.