August 12-14, 2019 EarShot Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra

August 12-14, 2019 (Aguascalientes, Mexico)

Participant Composers and Works:
Juan José Bárcenas, La muerte Camina (Los murmullos)
Jiyoun Chung, Scissors
Mario Duarte, Metztli-tliltic (La luna negra)
Kenichi Ikuno, Retratos de la locura
Emily Koh, After Igor
Piyawat Louilapprasert, Light and Flame

American Composers Orchestra seeks to identify and celebrate emerging American composers
through its EarShot program.

Drawing from a national network of advisors and advocates, EarShot works with orchestras around the country to identify and support promising composers in the early stages of their careers. Orchestras have relied on EarShot to identify and connect with composers consistent with their artistic vision, and to advise the orchestra on commissions, competitions, and program design. Managed by the American Composers Orchestra (ACO), EarShot is a partnership between the ACO, League of American Orchestras, American Composers Forum, and New Music USA. Over the past 10 years EarShot has initiated dozens of composer/orchestra/conductor relationships across the country offering opportunities to more than 100 composers. In 2016, ACO launched a composer archive of past EarShot compositions now in the orchestral repertoire.

In keeping with ACO’s commitment to customizing the EarShot residencies to the participating orchestra’s programming requests, Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra will select 3 Mexican composers and 3 American composers for their residency.

This year, the Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra participant composers will work closely with mentor composers Gabriela Ortiz, Derek Bermel, and an established American composer (TBD), as well as conductor Jose Arean.