Niloufar Iravani

Niloufar Iravani is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music. She received the Bachelor of Piano Performance and the Master of Music Composition from University of Tehran, Iran. Iravani achieved several national honors including the second rank in the field of Musical Arts at the National Master Degree Examination before starting the PhD in Music Composition at Louisiana State University, under the supervision of Prof. Dinos Contantinides. She is now the graduate teaching assistant and the coordinator of the Composers Forum at LSU. Her Music has been performed in Iran, Greece, and the USA by great ensembles and soloists. Athanasios Zervas, Maria Asteriadou, Kostas Tiliakos, Angela Draghicescu, and Amalia Sagona, to name a few, are the soloists who performed Iravani’s music. Summer 2017 concert series at Baton Rouge libraries, conducted by Prof. Constantinides, featured her work, “Shadows in Chase”, for string quartet. The performance of “DIR”, for solo violin, at LMTA 65th Annual Convention at the University of New Orleans and the performance of “Seven”, fixed media for seven channels, at the University of Tennessee Contemporary Music Festival, are part of Iravani’s recent activities.

about Fantasy:

Fantasy, for Symphonic Orchestra, is part of Niloufar Iravani’s final thesis for her Master degree in Music Composition. In this work, she tries to demonstrate her innovate and personal approach to the concept of fantasy as a musical genre. The work presents the meaningful imitation and development of the thematic ideas as well as the dynamic use of rhythm, register, and texture. The second and fourth intervals, as the main intervallic materials, are smoothly combined with larger intervals to provide a distinct impression of unity and diversity throughout the work.

listen to Shadows in Chase for String Quartet performed by Louisiana Sinfonietta String Quartet and conducted by Prof. Dinos Constantinides