Karena Ingram

photo credit: Kerry Ingram

photo credit: Kerry Ingram

Karena Ingram (b. 1994) is an emerging contemporary composer based in Baltimore, Maryland. Karena composes for contemporary chamber ensembles, large symphonic works, video games, and interactive media. Her chamber ensemble works have been performed regularly throughout the Baltimore area, most notably as a part of the Livewire New Music Festival. Karena’s music is known for its imaginative use of color and textural exploration. Beginning her musical career at the age of nine, with self-teaching in violin and music theory, she is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in music composition.

Karena writes:

Animals of the Solstice; Calm of the Equinox creates a narrative of a lively and bombastic progression animals from the summer solstice to the calm and tranquil autumn equinox. Inspired by the animal constellations that appear in the sky during summer nights, like the lion and the crab, the piece begins with an aggressive and bold character. As themes develop, the music eventually calms these creatures, encompassing the balanced and steady characteristics of the autumnal equinox.”

listen to Karena’s Helium: