Amina Figarova

Amina Figarova is a New York based, Azerbaijan born pianist AminaFigarova - credit Zak Shelby-Szyszkoand composer whose group is fast developing a reputation on the international scene, with appearances in the USA and around the world, including the Newport Jazz Festival, Chicago festival, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Capetown Jazz festival and North Sea Jazz Festival, to name a few. Amina has studied as a classical concert pianist at the Baku Conservatory as well as Jazz Performance at the Rotterdam Conservatory, Netherlands and Berklee College of Music; she has also attended the Thelonious Monk Institute’s summer jazz colony in Aspen. Amina has composed a musical,  Diana, as well as several other projects, including Tehora for Israeli singer Shlomit Butbul. Amina’s recorded releases include 13 albums of her original compositions earning her the Downbeat Rising Star Composer in the Critics Poll of 2014 and 2015.

Amina writes:
It’s The Journey – journey full of hope and blues, it’s a journey to unknown and known, it’s a sacrifice for a better life, and this is why I call this work  The Journey. The first “theme”  is of questions and making decisions. The Journey moves in a train like motion in the string section and “voices” of hope in the horn section. There is more tension and intensity that develops into a spiritual theme of the unknown and of sacrifice moving toward a more energetic, edgy and percussive part exhibiting conflict and extreme emotions.

Listen to Amina’s Hewa: