Yvette Janine Jackson

photo: Ava Porter

Yvette Janine Jackson is a composer, sound designer, and installation artist. Her focus on radio opera and narrative soundscape composition merges instrumental, text-sound, and electroacoustic techniques into through-composed and improvisatory forms that draw from history and contemporary social themes. Her recent guest composer residency at Stockholm’s Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) culminated with the premiere performance of This is Radio Opera. Yvette is a recipient of San Francisco’s Dean Goodman Choice Award for Sound Design and Theatre Bay Area’s Eric Landisman Fellowship. She studied music at the RD Colburn School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, holds a B.A. in Music from Columbia University and and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Music-Integrative Studies at the University of California, San Diego where she studies with Anthony Davis.

Yvette writes:
Atlantic Crossing is the first movement of a programmatic suite themed around the Middle Passage. A recurring theme in the composer’s works is the Middle Passage of Africans to the Americas. Atlantic Crossing evokes a narrative journey through the exploration of orchestral timbres and forms.

listen to Yvette’s 5150: