JUST RELEASED! Orchestra Underground: A-V

ACO’s fourth digital album is Orchestra Underground: A-V (as in Audio-Visual), an exploration of some of the wonderful possibilities found when video artists join the orchestra. This album contains three collaborative works by as many composers and videographers. Each is an integrated whole—the impact of the audio-visual experience being much more than the sum of its parts. Each of the three pieces was premiered as part of Orchestra Underground, ACO’s concert series that re-invents and re-imagines the orchestra with unusual instruments, eclectic influences, new technologies, important new compositional voices and the kind of interdisciplinary collaborations seen and heard in this A-V album. The works here are just a sample of the many new video/orchestra pairings born of Orchestra Underground in its first decade—and are released here to celebrate this milestone.

American Composers Orchestra
George Manahan, Anne Manson, Bradley Lubman, conductors

MARGARET BROUWER/KASUMI: Breakdown (2008; ACO/Goelet Commission)

SEBASTIAN CURRIER/PAWEL WOJTASIK: Next Atlantis for String Orchestra, Video, and Pre-Recorded Sounds (2009; ACO/Goelet Commission)


available for free streaming on Vimeo

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