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2012-13 season
5/01/13 Seven New Works by Jazz Composers To Be Read at Miller Theatre June 3-4 [pdf]
4/15/13 10th Anniversary Spring Benefit in Celebration of Orchestra Underground with Special Guest Performances at Tribeca Rooftop on May 22nd! [pdf]
3/06/13 22nd Annual Underwood New Music Readings feature Six Emerging Composers at DiMenna Center April 8-9 [pdf]
2/21/13 coLABoratory: Playing It UNsafe tests the limits with 4 new works developed over entire season! [pdf]
2/5/13 ACO, Buffalo and La Jolla Orchestras to Perform 17 Jazz Composers Works April, June and September [pdf]
1/16/13 George Manahan Receives Columbia University’s Prestigious Ditson Conductor’s Award [pdf]
12/6/12 ACO Orchestra Underground:  Time Travels Jan 18, 2013 Two World and One US Premiere [pdf]
11/29/12 Underwood New Music Reading Commission Winner Peter Fahey Announced [pdf]
10/9/12  coLABoratory: Playing It Unsafe First Workshop Nov 13, 2012 at Mannes College [pdf]
9/13/12  ACO Orchestra Underground: Dreams & Dances Oct 26, 2012 Season Opener, Serebrier and Flutist Sharon Bezaly [pdf]
7/9/12  ACO and Herb Alpert School present Second Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute Aug 7-11, 2012 at UCLA [pdf]
6/27/12  ACO Releases 3rd Digital Album: Orchestra Underground X10D, Featuring Unusual Instruments & Orchestra [pdf]
5/29/12  ACO 2012-13 Season Announcement [pdf]

2011-12 season
5/2/12  LVMH & ACO Partner to Support Work of Emerging American Composers [pdf]
4/23/12  21st Annual Underwood New Music Readings [pdf]
3/28/12  EarShot & San Diego Symphony New Music Readings [pdf]
3/5/12  Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute Offered August 2012 at UCLA [pdf]
2/22/12  ACO Orchestra Underground: American Accounts, March 22 at Zankel Hall [pdf]
2/14/12  Composers OutFront! featuring Jessie Montgomery [pdf]
2/8/12 EarShot & Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Present the BPO New Music Readings [pdf]
1/12/12 ACO Releases Second Digital Download Album – Emerging Composers Series: Vol: 1 [pdf]
12/19/11 ACO Celebrates Philip Glass at 75 with Premiere of 9th Symphony, Jan. 31, 2012 at Carnegie Hall [pdf]
09/28/11 SONiC – Sounds of a New Century Oct. 14-22 – Interactive Initiatives Update: SONiC: Thicket & Urban Remix Released [pdf]
09/09/11 SONiC – Sounds of a New Century Oct. 14-22 – Program Update – AfterHours Events Announced [pdf]
09/06/11 Narong Prangcharoen wins 20th Annual Underwood Emerging Composer Commission and Audience Choice Award  [pdf]
07/19/11 SONiC – Sounds of a New Century Festival launches Oct. 14-22, 2011 [pdf]

2010-11 season
04/21/11 Underwood New Music Readings & Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute Readings, June 3 – 6, 2011 [pdf]
03/07/11 Playing It UNsafe, First Digital Downloads, Mar. 8, 2011 [pdf]
02/22/11 Composers OutFront! Doug Cuomo headlines quintet, Mar. 17, 2011 [pdf]
02/07/11 Playing it UNsafe, March 4, 2011 Program Update [pdf]
01/26/11 EarShot Buffalo Philharmonic New Music Readings, Feb. 8 – 10, 2011 [pdf]
01/24/11 Playing It UNsafe R&D Lab for New Music Culminates March 4, 2011 at Zankel Hall [pdf]
11/10/10 ACO Receives Major New Grants [pdf]
10/25/10 ACO Orchestra Underground: A Time & Place, Dec. 3 at Zankel Hall [pdf]
10/19/10 ACO & LVMH Announce Ryan Francis, Winner of LVMH “A Greener NYC” Commission [pdf]
09/27/10 ACO Announces Playing It UNsafe – Groundbreaking “R&D” Lab For New Music [pdf]
09/08/10 ACO Opens Season Oct. 15 with Orchestra Underground: Mystics & Magic [pdf]
07/27/2010 Christopher Stark Wins Underwood Emerging Composer Commission [pdf]
07/21/10 ACO 2010-11 Season Announcement [html] [pdf]

2009-10 season
06/14/10 ACO Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute Concerts, July 23 & 24, 2010 [pdf]
05/19/10 ACO Appoints New Board Co-Chairs [pdf]
05/4/10 ACO Unveils 19th Annual Underwood New Music Readings new Audience Choice Award & Web Exclusives [html] [pdf]
04/19/10 Seven Composers Selected for 19th Annual Underwood New Music Readings, May 21-22, 2010 [html] [pdf]
04/07/10 EarShot and Pioneer Valley Symphony Present Four Emerging Composers in New Music Readings April 17-18, 2010 [pdf]
03/09/10 EarShot and Nashville Symphony Orchestra Present Four Emerging Composers in New Music Readings April 7-8, 2010 [html] [pdf]
03/02/10 Orchestra Underground: Louis & the Young Americans April 9, 2010 [pdf]
02/23/10 Missy Mazzoli: Composers OutFront! w/ Victoire, Brooklyn Public Library March 21 & Le Poisson Rouge April 7 [pdf]
01/29/10 Donal Fox: Composers OutFront! at Queens Library, Flushing Feb 20, 2010 [html] [pdf]
01/20/10 ACO Appoints George Manahan Music Director [html] [pdf]
12/18/09 ACO & Columbia University’s Center for Jazz Studies Announce Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute [pdf]
12/14/09 Orchestra Underground: Conversations Jan. 29 & 30, 2010 [html] [pdf]
11/20/09 Cindi Hubbard Appointed EarShot Manager [html] [pdf]
11/16/09 LVMH & ACO Announce ”A Greener New York City” Commission [html] [pdf]
10/13/09 ACO Opens Season Nov. 30 at Carnegie Hall – Orchestra Underground: Traditions & Transmigrations [html]  [pdf]
09/24/09 Composers OutFront! Erin Gee with Colin Gee Oct. 30, 2009 at Whitney Museum [html]  [pdf]
08/28/09 ACO & LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Inc. Announce Partnership to Commission & Premiere New Music by Emerging Composers [html]  [pdf]
07/23/09 ACO 2009-10 Season Announcement [html]  [pdf]

2008-09 season
06/25/09 EarShot and Colorado Symphony Orchestra Present Four Emerging Composers in New Music Readings [html]  [pdf]
05/27/09 Wang Jie Wins 2009 Underwood Commission [html]  [pdf]
05/04/09 EarShot and Memphis Symphony Orchestra Inaugurate New Music Readings, May 20 & 21 [html]  [pdf]
04/06/09 Ligeti and Bermel are ‘Composers OutFront!’ Free Community Concerts April 20 & 25 [html]  [pdf]
03/25/09 ACO Selects Nation’s Top Emerging Composers for 18th Annual New Music Readings, May 7 & 8 [html]  [pdf]
03/19/09 ACO Celebrates its Own May 1 at Zankel Hall [html]  [pdf]
03/11/09 ACO Selects Philadelphia Area’s Top Composers for ACO/Penn Presents New Music Readings & Lab, April 16 & 17 [html]  [pdf]
02/20/09 ACO Announces New Online Audio Initiative [html]  [pdf]
02/09/09 Encouraging Listeners to ‘Compose Yourself’ – New Adult Ed. Composition Course [html]  [pdf]
01/06/09 Orchestra Underground: New, Wired & Green Feb. 20 & 22 [html]  [pdf]
09/23/08 Fred Ho in Orchestral Debut at ACO ‘Underground’ Season Opener Nov. 14 at Zankel Hall [html]  [pdf]
09/05/08 Fred Ho Steps Up at ‘Composers OutFront!’ at BAMcafé, October 10 [html]  [pdf]
07/04/08 ACO 2008-09 Season: The Composer as Visionary with 10 Commissions & 9 World Premieres [html]  [pdf]

2007-2008 season
06/04/08 Composer Roger Zare Wins 2008 Underwood Commission [html]  [pdf]
05/27/08 EarShot National Orchestral Composition Discovery Network Launched [html]  [pdf]
03/24/08 ACO Selects Nation’s Top Emerging Composers for 17th Annual New Music Readings, May 6 & 7 [html]  [pdf]
02/20/08 ACO Plays it ‘UNsafe’ – First-Ever Laboratory for Development of Innovative New Work [html]  [pdf]
01/09/08 Uri Caine in Composers OutFront! at Joe’s Pub, Jan. 28 [html]  [pdf]
12/20/07 ACO Presents Orchestra Underground: Culture Shock at Zankel Hall, Feb. 8 [html]  [pdf]
09/11/07 Steve Coleman headlines Composers OutFront! series at the Brecht Forum, October 7 [html]  [pdf]
09/05/07 ACO’s Orchestra Underground Powers Up with ‘Hybridity’ at Zankel Hall Friday, October 19 [html]  [pdf]
07/04/07 ACO Announces 2007-08 Season, ‘Unsafe & Underground’ [html]  [pdf]

2006-2007 season
06/24/07 Clint Needham Wins American Composers Orchestra’s 2007 Underwood Commission [html]  [pdf]
05/29/07 ACO Announces ‘Playing it UNsafe’, R & D Lab for New Orcchestra Works [html]  [pdf]
04/11/07 ACO Honors John Adams at Spring Benefit & Auction April 27, 2007 [html]  [pdf]
04/02/07 ACO Selects Nation’s Top Emerging Composers for 16th Annual New Music Readings, 8 & 9 [html]  [pdf]
03/13/07 John Adams conducts ACO for “An Adams’ Apple: John Adams at 60″ at Carnegie Hall, April 27 [html]  [pdf]
03/05/07 ACO Selects Philadelphia Area’s Top Emerging Composers for ACO/Penn Presents New Music Readings & Lab, April 13 & 14 [html]  [pdf]
02/08/07 Orchestra Underground puts “Composers OutFront!” Zankel Hall, March 26 [html]  [pdf]
01/17/07 Andrew McKenna Lee & Min Xiao-Fen Headline ‘Composers OutFront!’ at BAMCafé, March 2 & March 30 [html]  [pdf]
10/18/06 ACO & Jazz at Lincoln Center in First Collaboration Nov. 16 – 18 features Gershwin & Derek Bermel Premiere [html]  [pdf]
9/7/06 “Composers OutFront!” Opens ACO’s Orchestra Underground at Zankel Hall Friday, October 13 [html]  [pdf]
8/21/06    Susie Ibarra & Brad Lubman Headline ‘Composers OutFront! at Joe’s Pub, Sep. 27 & Oct 20 [html]  [pdf]
8/9/06     ACO Receives Two Major Grants from NYS Music Fund & Whitaker Fund [html]  [pdf]
7/4/06     ACO’s 30th Anniversary Season Puts Composer-Performers “Out Front” [html]  [pdf]

2005-2006 season
6/26/06    Composer Mandy Fang Wins ACO’s 2006 Underwood Commission [html]  [pdf]
4/20/06 15th Annual Underwood New Music Readings, May 18 & 19, 2006 at Miller Theater [html]  [pdf]
3/27/06 Deborah Voigt Joins ACO for “Erotic Spirits” at Carnegie Hall May 3, 2006 [html]  [pdf]
3/25/06 Composer Derek Bermel Begins 3-Year Residency with ACO [html]  [pdf]
3/4/06     ACO Online Benefit Auction, April 10 – May 5, 2006 [html]  [pdf]
3/4/06     ACO honors Audra McDonald and Norma Flender at annual Spring Gala, April 10, 2006  [html]  [pdf]
3/1/06     ACO and Annenberg Center team up with the ACO/Penn Presents New Music Readings & Lab, April 13 & 14, 2007 [html] [pdf]
1/25/06    In “Tech & Techno” American Composers Orchestra performs using computer technology and downtown club music, March 17 & 18, 2006 [html] [pdf]
12/27/05  ACO Brings “Underground Mix” to Philadelphia’s Annenberg Center, Feb. 4 [html] [pdf]
09/20/05  “Music in Motion” Opens ACO’s Orchestra Underground With A World Premiere Featuring Pilobolus – Zankel Hall, November 11, 2005 [html] [pdf]
07/04/05  American Composers Orchestra Announces 2005-06 Season; Nine World Premieres at Carnegie Hall & Orchestra Underground on Tour [html] [pdf]
07/01/05  Music Director Steven Sloane to Assume New Role as of 2006-07 Season [html] [pdf]

2004-2005 season
06/10/05 Michael Gatonska awarded American Composers Orchestra’s 2005 Underwood Commission [html] [pdf]
04/02/05 American Composers Orchestra Selects Nation’s Top Emerging Composers for 14th Annual New Music Readings – May 5 & 6, 2005, Columbia University [html] [pdf]
01/15/05 All World Premiere Concert February 23 at Carnegie Hall Features Legendary Rock Guitarist Andy Summers & Orchestral Debut of Hollywood Composer Danny Elfman [html] [pdf]
12/03/04 Young Composers Reinvent Symphony with High-Tech Intuition, Percussive, Improvisational & Spatial Explorations at Zankel Hall January 21 [html] [pdf]
9/17/04 ACO goes “Underground” – November 17, 2004 Concert Focuses on Music & Painting [html] [pdf]
6/18/04 Composer Kristin Kuster Wins American Composers Orchestra’s 2004 Underwood Commission [html] [pdf]
6/10/04 American Composers Orchestra 2004-05. Updated Carnegie Hall Concerts Refocus Vision on Innovation, Emerging Composers & World Premieres [html] [pdf]

2003-2004 season
4/14/2004 American Composers Orchestra Selects Nation’s Top Emerging Composers for 13th Annual Whitaker New Music Readings. Eight premieres to be presented on May 20 and 21, 2004 in NYC [html] [pdf]
3/22/2004 Improvisation Meets the Orchestra, April 24 – May 1, 2004 [html] [pdf]
1/21/2004 “Fanfares and Fire” Heat Up Carnegie Hall March 10 NEW, UPDATED PROGRAM [html] [pdf]
1/9/2004 American Composers Orchestra Launches “Orchestra Underground” debut concert at Zankel Hall February 27 [html] [pdf]
10/20/2003 Jeffrey Milarsky appointed Assistant Conductor of ACO [html] [pdf]
8/26/2003 “Different Trains” Arrive at Carnegie Hall for ACO Season Opener October 8 [html] [pdf]
8/11/2003 American Composers Orchestra 2003-04. ACO launches Orchestra Underground & features Improvise! Festival Carnegie Hall concerts include four world premieres [html] [pdf]

2002-2003 season
5/15/03 Composer Manly Romero Wins ACO’s 2003 Whitaker Commission [html] [pdf]
3/14/03 Whitaker new Music Readings, April 7, 2003 [html] [pdf]
2/25/03 Samuel Barber’s “Antony and Cleopatra,” April 6, 2003 [html] [pdf]
1/21/03 “Zappa and the Emerging American Composer” — March 2, 2003 [html] [pdf]
1/14/2003 Randall Woolf featured in “Composers Out Front” at Joe’s Pub [html] [pdf]
10/01/2002 ACO names Carlos Carrillo 2002 Composer Fellow [html] [pdf]
9/23/2002 Premieres, Praise & Prayer Open ACO Season November 3 [html] [pdf]
8/12/2002 American Composers Orchestra begins the next 25 years with Music Director Steven Sloane [html] [pdf]
7/9/2002 ACO appoints new staff members
5/20/2002 Composer Lisa Bielawa Wins American Composers Orchestra’s 2002 Whitaker Commission

2001-2002 season
3/21/2002 American Composers Orchestra American Composers Selects Nation’s Top Emerging Composers for 11th Annual Whitaker New Music Readings Eight premieres to be performed on April 15, 2002 in NYC
2/26/2002 American Composers Orchestra Celebrates 25th Anniversary;April 14, 2002 concert at Carnegie Hall marks Dennis Russell Davies’ final performance as Music Director; World premieres by Francis Thorne and Kevin Puts
1/20/2002 Steven Sloane, ACO Music Director Designate, Makes Carnegie Hall Debut; Launches ACO’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. World premiere by Stewart Wallace performed with British contemporary ensemble “Icebreaker”
12/20/2001 ACO Celebrates Philip Glass 65th Birthday with World Premiere of Symphony No. 6, Feb. 3, 2002
8/15/2001 ACO Announces “Orchestra Tech” National Conference on Technology and the Orchestra, Oct. 10 -14, 2001
7/25/2001 American Composers Orchestra Announces 25th Anniversary Season, 2001-02

2000-2001 season
6/1/2001 Composer Paul Yeon Lee Wins 2001 Whitaker Commission, 2002 New Music Reading Sessions set for May 24, 2002
3/20/2001 David Raksin “Composers Out Front” at Joe’s Pub, April 19, 2001
3/13/2001 Whitaker New Music Readings, April 18, 2001
3/7/2001 American Composers Orchestra: “Hollywood” April 22, 2001
2/2/2001 Jin Hi Kim “Composers Out Front” at Joe’s Pub, March 9, 2001
1/30/2001 American Composers Orchestra: “Ellis Island to JFK” & and Coming to America,” February 14–March 18, 2001
12/15/2000 American Composers Orchestra puts “Composers Out Front” in Three Concerts at Joe’s Pub
12/8/2000 American Composers Orchestra presents “Berlin 1931″ Jan. 21 at Carnegie Hall
11/27/2000 American Composers Orchestra names Jin Hi Kim 2000-01 Composer Fellow
11/3/2000 ACO appoints Steven Sloane Music Director Designate
10/18/2000 Michael D. Eisner to be honored at a benefit for the American Composers Orchestra at New York’s Plaza Hotel on November 14, 2000
9/1/2000 Pacifica Mix, October 11 at Japan Society
9/1/2000 “Pacifica” opens American Composers Orchestras season, October 15, 2000
8/1/2000 American Composers Orchestra 2000-01 Season Wraps up Millennium Celebration; Expands Offerings Beyond Carnegie Hall
7/19/2000 Composer Brian Robison wins 2000 Whitaker Commission; 2001 New Music Reading Sessions set for April 18