Orchestra Tech:
The Orchestra Technology Initiative

Orchestras on the Sidelines of the Digital Age

The Orchestra Technology Initiative (Orchestra Tech) will address the lack of technological innovation in the creation and performance of new music for orchestra; and two subsets of this problem: (a) the lack of opportunity for composers, who use or who are interested in using technology, to write for orchestra; and (b) the lack of leadership among orchestras in implementing technological invention in live performance. There exists little music written for orchestral ensemble that employs digital technologies, and what does exist does not receive wide attention.

While the music world at large continues to be among the most innovative art forms in its embrace of the digital age (the CD, MIDI, MP3, software advances), orchestras are largely on the periphery in implementing technology: in performance, professional exchange and exploration, and finally in the creation of new works. While orchestras have been quick to tap the Internet as a sales and marketing tool, they have not used technology as a creative force in the creation of music. This is due, in large part, to a reluctance to take box office risks and devote more rehearsal hours, but also to the scarcity of new musical works for orchestra that employ technological innovation. On the other hand, composers who utilize technology, with little opportunity for performance and little incentive to work with orchestras, focus their efforts elsewhere, concentrating instead on smaller ensemble pieces where the possibility of performance is significantly better.

With the Orchestra Technology Initiative, ACO seeks to break this cycle.

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