Orchestra Tech:
The Orchestra Technology Initiative

Purpose & Objectives of the Initiative

American Composers Orchestra in 2001 launched Orchestra Tech, a national, multi-year initiative to encourage the integration of technology into the modern orchestra and to stimulate the development of new symphonic music using new media and digital technology. Orchestra Tech's purpose is to influence the evolution of the orchestral aesthetic and demonstrate the potential impact technology can have for orchestras, new music and culture in general. Specific objectives are to:

  • Develop a national commissioning program to encourage the creation of new works combining technology with the orchestra;

  • Perform new and historically significant works combining technology with the orchestra;

  • Develop models for innovative presentation of the orchestra with new media and technology;

  • Develop channels of information sharing that serve to bridge the digital divide among composers and other artists;

  • Develop national dissemination and ongoing resource programs through various media that serve to stimulate involvement by orchestras in technological innovation.

Activities include: performance, education, research, professional development, dissemination and commissioning.

Renowned composer and music-technology innovator Tod Machover of the MIT Media Lab serves as Artistic Advisor of Orchestra Tech.

The first step of Orchestra Tech, was a national conference held October 10 - 14, 2001 in New York City at Columbia and New York Universities, Carnegie Hall, and several other venues in New York City. The Conference gathered from around the United States composers, conductors, other music professionals, orchestra leaders and administrators, software engineers and scientists, multimedia artists, technical specialists, academics, students and music industry leaders.

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