Orchestra Tech:
The Orchestra Technology Initiative

Other Components of the Initiative

In addition to the National Conference, Orchestra Tech encompasses several other areas of activity. These are:

Orchestra Tech Commissioning Program
Orchestra Tech Lab & Reading Sessions
Orchestra Tech at "Music Factory" Education Program
ACO Orchestra Underground
Orchestra Tech & ACO-Xchange

Orchestra Tech Lab & Readings for Emerging Composers

Starting in 2001, New Music Reading Sessions will give young composers the chance to work hands-on with the American Composers Orchestra and explore the challenges and possibilities of applying new media to writing symphonic music. ORCHESTRA TECH Lab is the only such opportunity in the United States. From a nationwide call for scores, up to three composers each year will be selected and their works then rehearsed, run-through and documented by the Orchestra, followed by working sessions with a panel of mentor-composers experienced in new technologies.

Orchestra Tech at "Music Factory"

Beginning in the 2001-2002 academic year, our initiative will address the digital divide that exists among students today and introduce students to approaches and techniques of using technology expressively and creatively. Through Music Factory, American Composers Orchestra's education program, high schools students in our partner public high schools will have the opportunity to learn about and create their own works. Using technology and orchestra instruments, they will study, in several in-school, semester-long residencies, with visiting composers versed in both teaching and technology. The first such composer will be Tod Machover from the MIT Media Lab.

ACO "Orchestra Underground" Performance Series

The October 2001 Conference will contribute substantially to the development of a new series of brash, alternative, cutting-edge music in the Arthur and Judy Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall, to open in December 2002. At that time, Steven Sloane takes the podium as Music Director of American Composers Orchestra. Zankel Hall will be a flexible, state-of-the art space for musical experimentation and performance employing new media and allowing for the inclusion of the visual arts, video and dance. As a leader in contemporary music, Orchestra Underground will be the place where the image and sound of the orchestral ensemble are re-invented.

Orchestra Tech & "ACO-Xchange"

One of the Initiative's primary goals is to stimulate change among other orchestras in the United States and elsewhere. Our online and professional network, ACO-Xchange, is an ideal channel for sharing new developments and new creative work. Selections from this Initiative may also air on "Music in the Present Tense", ACO's new radio series on National Public Radio, and internationally through "Art of the States". Through ACO-Xchange, the proceedings of the Orchestra Tech Conference will be disseminated to the interested parties throughout the music field. By promoting contact between conductors, artistic administrators and innovative composers, the Initiative will encourage strategic partnerships between orchestras and co-commissioning programs.

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