Orchestra Tech: National Conference
October 10 - 14, 2001 / New York City


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Performances exploring the past, present and future of technology and its implications for the orchestral ensemble will be presented each evening of the Conference. These performances will provide an opportunity for rarely-heard readings of some of the extravagant and often eccentric work done as early as the first half of the 20th century, as well as illustrating current areas of creative work now being pursued by composers around the country and the Americas. Many of the works performed will be by composers attending the conference, providing first-hand insight in performance preparation and audience understanding.

The conference opens with a chamber orchestra concert by American Composers Orchestra at Miller Theater at Columbia University featuring music by electronics pioneer Otto Luening, as well as more recent works by Randall Woolf and John Oswald, highlighting electronic sampling techniques. Also featured during the conference will be a performance by the respected new music chamber ensemble Speculum Musicae, featuring music by Mathew Rosenblum, James Mobberly, and Mark Applebaum. An electro-acoustic marathon featuring an array of composers and composer performers who integrate live electronics with traditional orchestral instruments, and whose influences range from jazz to rock and pop to world music, will be presented in conjunction with the ecclectic downtown avant-jazz club, The Knitting Factory. One additional performance in collaboration with a guest ensemble at The Great Hall of Cooper Union, plus additional repertoire for the performances mentioned above are still to be determined.

The conference culminates with a performance of American Composers Orchestra at Carnegie Hall on Sunday evening, October 14. This concert focuses on multimedia, live electronic manipulation, and interactivity, while providing a historical perspective. One of the earliest works for orchestra and electronics, Edgar Varèse's Déserts will be performed with a new video created by media artist (and former composer) Bill Viola. Morton Subotnick's Before the Butterfly, a work from 1976 is being updated to today's digital technology. Its focus is the use of microphone pickups spread around the orchestra, as a controlling device manipulating the orchestra's balances. Tristan Murail's Le Partage des Eaux, a work that employs spectral analysis for live electronic accompaniment to the orchestra, will receive its U.S. premiere. Finally, Tod Machover's Sparkler commissioned especially for this event, will introduce many of the new electronic hyper-instruments that the composer is creating for a performance and educational project entitled The Toy Symphony.

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