Orchestra Tech: National Conference
October 10 - 14, 2001 / New York City

Anticipated Outcomes & Broader Impact

The conference will provide exposure for composers working in technology and its application to the orchestral ensemble. The conference will also create an environment that encourages composers, technologists and orchestra representatives to communicate with each other, and educates these constituencies and the general public about past, present and possible future applications of technology in an orchestral setting.

Following the conference and as a direct outcome from it, the Orchestra Tech Commissioning Program will award three commissions that will implement specific ideas and working concepts arising from the conference. These will be premiered at Carnegie Hall, providing high-profile exposure to our effort to advance the orchestra into 21st century American and global culture.

Conference proceedings, including audio streaming and discussion boards, will be disseminated both through ACO's website and journal/newsletter, as well as through our partnership with American Music Center's Newmusicbox.org Internet music journal.

The long-term goal of Orchestra Tech is to foster the creation, development and performance of new work for the orchestra with technology. We expect relationships established at the conference to blossom into a network that helps to fertilize the field for future experimentation. We also hope to see a breaking-down of some of the barriers between the constituencies involved, resulting in additional commissioning of new work and additional performances not only by ACO, but by orchestras around the country. We expect to see the growth of exciting new works, as well as increased interest in the possibilities of combining technology and the orchestra, on the part of composers, orchestra conductors and administrators, the public, and the media. Finally, we hope that Orchestra Tech will give birth to some genuinely new and exciting conceptual, musical and technological ideas and partnerships that will grow the orchestral aesthetic and repertoire in bold new ways.

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