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Orchestra Tech Commissioning Program

One of the most significant outgrowths of the Conference on the Orchestra and Technology, is the establishment of a special commissioning effort that will allow composers working with technology to extend that work, in many cases for the first time, to the orchestral ensemble. The goal of the overall Orchestra Technology Initiative is the development of the repertoire and aesthetic, and given the limited existing opportunities for such work until now, commissioning becomes a prime mechanism for that development.

There will be three commissions awarded in the first round of the program. These will be selected during the year following the conference. Commissions will be awarded with the goal of representing diverse aesthetic and technological areas of work that hold the 0promise of effective and intriguing integration with, or extension of, the symphony orchestra. Among the ideas that may be explored through these commissions are multimedia, compositional collaborations, and various perspectives on interactivity.

As the commissioning program develops, we expect to establish a network or consortium of interested orchestras, which, working together, will co-commission and jointly share in some of the production costs associated with the development of this new work. Many of these partner orchestras will, we expect, be identified during and immediately following the conference.

ACO will perform new works developed through the commissioning program in its series at Carnegie Hall; in Orchestra Underground, a new series being developed for the new state-of-the-art space now being constructed underneath Carnegie Hall; and at other venues.

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