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Membership in EarShot is open to a limited number of American orchestras interested in advancing their work with living composers and their music.

To become part of the EarShot network, or to inquire about how your orchestra can benefit from membership, contact: Linda Golding, EarShot Project Manager.

To help us understand your orchestra's programs, challenges and goals, we ask you to complete a brief survey prior to joining. Once you complete the survey, Linda will contact you. Click here to take the survey.

Memberhip Fees

Now through August 31, 2009, there is no cost to orchestras to become a member of EarShot. The following dues structure will apply:

Annual Dues
Effective after 9/1/09
(free thru 8/31/09)

Orchestra Budget Range *

Annual Dues

Groups 1 & 2


Groups 3 & 4


All other orchestras


* based on League of American Orchesras budget group