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Goals & Background


EarShot is the nationwide network of new music readings and related composer-development programs: the goals are to create the nation's first ongoing systematic program for identifying emerging composers; to provide professional-level working experience with orchestras from every region of the country; and increase awareness of these composers and access to their music throughout the industry.

The range and variety of programs undertaken through EarShot will create a rich and interconnected web of opportunities for new orchestra composers and their works, with each orchestra's activities reinforcing the others. Winning works from regional readings/programs will be performed at high profile venues including the national conference of the League of American Orchestras, and in festivals and other special programs by American Composers Orchestra and other orchestras participating in the Network.

In the initial stages of the development of EarShot, partner orchestras with a history and interest in adventurous programming will be identified, including those orchestras who have previously undertaken composer residencies, composer competitions, readings, or other training programs. At this early point in EarShot's existence, we seek to strengthen programs, coordinate between members, establish best-practices, provide support services, and encourage and promote the composer-development activities being undertaken throughout the Network.

Once EarShot has been established with several successful regional programs launched, the Network will expand its size and influence, seeking-out a broader range of orchestra partners and activities. We envision a Network that includes professional orchestras of varying sizes, conservatory and college orchestras, community orchestras, and youth orchestra programs.

EarShot is multi-institutional effort -- a distributed alliance of organizations that will share and maximizes resources, leverage work already being undertaken by the individual organizations, and encourage new and additional activities.

EarShot provides coordination, encouragement, support and recognition to orchestras that offer programs that help identify and develop emerging composers of orchestral music; brings together those existing programs that now work in relative isolation; shares experiences and expertise; and encourages the creation of new and expanded activities that foster the growth and development of American orchestral music.