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Underwood Readings
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Opportunities for Composers:
How do I get my music played?

ACO's mission is to create opportunities for American composers, partricularly those in the emerging to mid-career stages of their careers. ACO programs include its ongoing concert series, readings, and special composer initiatives. Composers interested in having music played by the orchestra should be aware of these opportunities to submit works for consideration: 

Underwood New Music Readings & Commission

ACO's annual New Music Reading Sessions give emerging composers the rare opportunity to work with an orchestra singular in its commitment to the development of the American composer. The Readings include public sessions with the orchestra, feedback from conductors, musicians and mentor composers, professional development workshops, and a digital audio recording. One participating composer receives a $15,000 commission and future performance by ACO.

more about Underwood Readings

EarShot Network

EarShot is the nationwide network of new music readings and related composer-development programs, creating the nation's first ongoing systematic program for identifying and promoting emerging composers. Through EarShot, orchestras around the nation host readings, composer competitions, and other programs throughout the year.

more about the EarShot Network

General Submissions

ACO's ongoing concert series is programmed and curated by its artistic director and artistic staff. Composers who wish to be have their work considered for inclusion in ACO concerts may submit their work for general consideration.

more information and how to submit

Special Initiatives:

ACO periodically undertakes special initiatives to focus on specific areas of repertoire, encourage the creation of new experimental works, or address challenges faced by composers in orchestral music today. Frequently, these initiatives include a call for scores or proposals. Composers should sign-up for ACO's email list and check the website to be aware of call procedures and deadlines.

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